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Formas de Pagamento Formas de Pagamento NellBux

Rules of use


- You must keep your password safe and unknown to everyone.

- You can have only one account. we allow one account per person or per cpf.

- Accounts are not transferable, each account is unique to its user.

- Any account using false data will be suspended automatically.

& nbsp; Referred

- You can invite anyone to be your nominee.

- You will be able to invite anyone from your home, as long as it is not the same computer & nbsp; as you.
& nbsp; Withdrawals

- All payment methods are available to the user according to their country.

- All members will be able to request payment when they reach the minimum withdrawal amount, depending on the type of account.

- The amount of days for your payment will depend on your type of account.

- Any issues, due to payment processors will be addressed, we assume no responsibility for any external or third party malfunctions.

- Payments will be sent according to information registered by the user.

& nbsp; Special accounts

- To maintain the user level, one of the requirements must be met during each period of time.

- Special accounts may have different gains and functions exclusive to the others, varying according to the level, however necessary to fulfill the requirements during the period, and may rise or fall in level

& nbsp; Affiliate Program

- We do not accept sites with illegal content (such as Warez, Pornography, Drugs, etc.).

- We will not accept sites that are polluted or have broken links

- Clicks and views are counted every 24 hours by single access.

- All sites are monitored by our team, which reserves the right to suspend sites that violate the rules provided for in this Term & amp; Conditions.


- You can only add balance to your account on the checkout page using the payment methods allowed

- Equivalent balance that you pay will be accounted for.

- We provide a full refund within 120 days after payment, after that only partial period, since we are not allocated resources.

Account suspension

- We reserve the right to suspend any account that is in violation of terms and conditions.

- You can resort to an account suspension.


- We are not responsible for failures that are beyond our control.

- We can edit the website and the Terms of Service at any time and for any reason.

- Any problems related to hosting, payment processors, ISP, or by third parties are not our responsibility.

- We are available to resolve any other doubts.
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